Thank you for using the [Wellington] web site.
For customers to buy our products smoothly, please read the documents below.
For people using the home page
  • The product color will differ compared to colors shown on the home page. The product's specifications and price may change without notice.
  • The product's specifications and price may change without notice.
  • When installing the parts, the parts should be installed by a person with proper knowledge (service manual printed by the maker) or mechanic.
  • WM is only responsible for the products produced by WM, with other case WM will not take responsibility under any circumstances.
Payment method & shipment fees
Payment on delivery The product will be shipped after the ordering is complete. The bills should be paid to the shipment company and this service is usable under the total cost of ¥300,000.
A separate collect fee is also required.

Collect fee
  • Total price less than ¥10,000 --- ¥315
  • Total price less than ¥30,000 --- ¥420
  • Total price less than ¥30,000 to ¥100,000 --- ¥630
  • Total price less than ¥100,000 to ¥300,000 --- ¥1,050
Bank transfer
After the ordering the product, the payment should be sent to the bank account written below.
After the payment has been confirmed, the product will be shipped.
The buyer is responsible for paying the fees to bank transfer.

<Bank transfer destination>
Kinki Oosaka Bank, Yoshida branch
Standard Account, Account number: 0159747, Wellington Mail Order Hayashi Kunihiro
When the ordered product is out of stock, the shipment well be delayed until the product is ready.
With special order products and modified products (includes paintings), the payment method will be bank transfer or registered mail for cash.
Shipment fees
Shipment and delivery of the product
After the product order has been confirmed, the order conformation mail will be set to the e-mail account given.
Some products will require some time to until the shipment.
Popular parts and built-to-order parts with different product manufacturing method will take more time than others.
With orders sent during the weekends, the conformation reply will be sent on the weekdays.
About security
We pay close attention to the security of the users.
When the personal information is filled in this web site, SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) technology is used to prevent from eavesdropping and interference.
For e-mails sent to the shop, the high-end encryption technology is used for protection.
This site provides safe shopping with up to date security.
About complaints and returns
The product warranty only covers the quality of WM product itself. We will take no responsibility towards complaints other than the cases below.
  • Damages caused vehicle
  • Losses caused by non moving vehicle,
  • Secondary damages and loss,
  • Replacement fee, and shipment fee for returns.
About management of personal information
The information provided by the customer will be…
  1. Customer's name
  2. E-mail address
  3. Telephone number
  4. Shipment address
These information are used to provide service for the products and the information will NOT be sold third party or foreign organization.
Other than the mandatory information, we may ask for more information to provide better service. Personal information provided will be chosen by the customer.

Within the usage of this home page, under the circumstances below, we may ask for the personal information.
  • Purchasing of the product.
  • Inquires about the product.
The personal information provided by the customer will be used only to provide information for the services for the product.